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There are few things in the Lands of the Mists as horrifying as demons. They are the living embodiments of evil, creatures that exist solely to spread corruption and
fear. Unlike the undead or werebeasts, demons share nothing with the world of mortals. They are alien creatures, more inhuman than any aberration or ooze, driven by alien needs. They may enchant mortals, entrapping them with their beautiful illusions and honeyed promises, but to them, mortals are no more than flies or game pieces. They use mortals to
get what they want and then kill them for sport when they have no further use.

Van Richten put forward three theories to account for the presence of demons in Ravenloft, little realizing that two of these theories were correct. While there are no known demons created by demiliches that return to the physical world, vast areas of Ravenloft are influenced by fiends forged from natural evil or visitors from other planes. Those of extraplanar origin, called Outsiders, universally have darkvision 60’, and most have some power of illusion or invisibility to disguise themselves. When reduced to 0 hit points, these demons return to their phylacteries (see below) to recuperate, then possess some unsuspecting mortal when they want to return to
the physical world. The most well known ‘races’ of these outsiders are the lawful evil devils, the neutral evil yugoloths and the chaotic evil demons. These creatures
have been involved in a terrible Blood War for longer than even the gods can remember. To try to exploit every possible weakness that their enemies may possess,
these factions have evolved into deadly warriors and subtle warriors. Ravenloft has made them even more powerful. Each day, these fiends can cast an extra 4
levels of spells (2 second level spells, 4 first level spells,etc). Devils can choose their spells from the schools of Enchantment or Illusion, demons from Evocation, and
yugoloths from Enchantment or Divination. These extra spells are not shown in the descriptions of the demons below.

Van Richten’s third theory was that evil was a powerful enough force in Ravenloft to leave lasting impressions on its surrounds. Evil creatures would imprint their cruelty and malevolence on the ground beneath their feet. The corruption would bubble forth as a demon when it became concentrated enough. Demons created by this ‘world evil’ have much in common with other natural spirits, called the fey. They all have low light vision. Like outsiders, they have phylacteries, but don’t need to possess a mortal to return to the physical world when killed. They can simply recreate their bodies from inanimate matter. Also, they tend to stay close to the area where they were spawned, while
outsiders range from domain to domain.

This book presents thirteen demons – including fey, outsiders, and a few more unusual creatures. While battling demons you should never become bland or passe, these horrors are varied enough to terrify even the most jaded adventurers.

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